Procédé de désinfection des tissus musculo-squelettiques et tissus ainsi préparés

Verfahren zur Desinfektion von Muskelskelettgeweben und so aufbereiteten Gewebe

Process for disinfecting musculoskeletal tissue and tissues prepared thereby


A process for treating musculoskeletal tissue which comprises contacting musculoskeletal tissue with both an effective amount at least one treating agent selected from the class consisting of antibiotics and disinfectants, and an agent to increase diffusion of the treating agent into the tissue, such as a surfactant or a permeation enhancer. The disinfectant and/or antibiotic function in killing bacteria, vegetative organisms, and viruses (including HIV virus) which may be remaining in the musculoskeletal tissue. A preferred disinfectant is ethanol. Another aspect of the invention is directed to the treatment of musculoskeletal tissue by contacting the musculoskeletal tissue with an effective viricidal amount of a surfactant.




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