Hydrofuge stratifie utilisant de la bentonite et des bentones.

Laminated waterstop using bentonite and bentones.

Laminierte dichtung unter verwendung von u.a. bentoniten.


A laminated waterstop strip is placed on the top of a surface of a hardened concrete layer of footing of a building, prior to pouring of an additional layer preferably bentonite. The strip has a number of granular layers (88, 92) held with adhesive (86, 90) between each of the layers. 30 to 60 individual granular layers (88, 92) are built up to a height of up to the range of one inch or more. The particles are adhered to a fabric layer (11) for support. A light weight, synthetic fiber mesh for providing weather and tear resistance is placed over the upper layer of particles. The waterstop strip is made in a batch process before being cut into strips by utilizing a reciprocating multi-station adhesive and particle dispensing carriage used to build up the strip to the desired height.




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