Method and apparatus for optically determining the acceptability of products

Verfahren und Gerät zur optischen Bestimmung der Annehmbarkeit von Produkten

Méthode et appareil de détermination optique de l'acceptabilité de produits


The acceptability of the appearance of objects (12) such as consumer products is determined by forming an initial discriminant function (F) as a composite of a relatively small number of images (I) which are known to be acceptable. This initial discriminant function is then used to gather statistical information (P, A, B, C) about how a first relatively large number of images compare to the initial discriminant function. Thereafter, this statistical information is used (318-324) to select or aid in the selection of acceptable images from a second relatively large number of images, and the images selected as acceptable are used (334) to refine the discriminant function. The refined discriminant function is then used (e.g., during actual product inspection (402-414)) to determine which objects have an acceptable appearance and which do not.




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