Antibiotische Verbindungen, genannt A/16686-Faktoren A'1,A'2 und A'3

Composés antibiotiques nommés A/16686 facteurs A'1, A'2 et A'3

Novel antibiotic compounds named A/16686 Factors A'1, A'2 and A'3


The invention relates to depsipeptidic compounds related to antibiotic A/16696 complex of formula I Said compounds are named antibiotic A/16686 factors A'1, A'2 and A'3, respectively and are produced by fermentation of the microorganism Actinoplanes sp ATCC 33076 or a natural or artifical mutant thereof under appropriate conditions or by contacting antibiotic A/16686 factors A1, A2 and A3 or a mixture thereof with the mycelium of Actinoplanes sp ATCC 33076 or a natural or articial mutant thereof. The compounds have antibacterial activity, in particular, against widely diffused gram-positive bacteria and are particularly useful for topical treating of wound infections and acne.




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