Low rf emission fiber optic transmission system

Faseroptisches Übertragungssystem mit niedrieger Radiofrequenzausstrahlung

Système de transmission par fibres optique avec un faible rayonnement dans les fréquences radio


An electrical to fiber optic conversion unit for use in a fiber optic transmission link includes a ferrous metal chassis with an open front end for receiving a plurality of conversion modules and power supply or test modules. The conversion module includes circuitry for converting electrical signals to fiber optic signals and is constructed of a multi-layer printed circuit board having top and bottom layers substantially covered with a non-current conducting chassis ground. The several internal layers of the conversion PC board include two signal layers for interconnecting components on the board, with the signal layers being separated by a power distribution layer and a interconnect layer for connecting com­ ponents on opposite ends of the board. The multi-layer PC construction suppresses RF noise from the conversion module providing that the front panel of the module may be left uncovered while still achieving very low levels of RF emission.




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