Test sans contact de circuits intégrés

Kontaktloses Prüfen integrierter Schaltungen

Noncontact testing of integrated circuits


Simultaneous noncontact testing of voltages across a full line of test sites (2) on an integrated circuit chip-to-test (1) is achieved with high time resolution using photoelectron emission induced by a pulsed laser (3) focussed to a line (4) on the chip-to-test, together with high speed electrostatic deflection perpendicular to the line focus. Photoelectrons produced by the line focus of pulsed laser light are imaged to a line on an array detector (5), the measured photoelectron intensities at array points along this line representing voltages at corresponding points along the line illuminated by the laser focus. High speed electrostatic deflection applied to plates (7) during the laser pulse, perpendicular to the direction of the line focus, disperses the line image - (column) on the array detector across a sequence of sites at right angles (rows), thereby revealing the time-dependence of voltages in the column of test sites with high time resolution (in the picosecond ' range).




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