Substituierte Pyrimidin-2-one, ihre Salze, Verfahren zu deren Herstellung und diese enthaltende Zusammensetzungen

Substituted pyrimidin-2-ones, the salts thereof, processes for their preparation, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and a method therefor

Pyrimidines-2-ones substituées, leurs sels, procédé pour leur préparation, compositions pharmaceutiques les contenant


Compounds of the general formula:- (wherein X represents a halogen atom or a trifluoromethyl group; R' represents a hydrogen atom or a.lower alkyl group and Het represents an optionally substituted C-attached 5-7 membered aromatic heterocyclic ring which ring contains one or more heteroatoms selected from 0, N and S and optionally carries a fused ring) and where a basic group is present, the salts thereof have been found to possess excellent metaphase arresting ability and are of use in combating abnormal cell proliferation. Thus a knowledge of the cell division cycles of the normal and abnormal cells enables a cytotoxic drug to be administered whilst the abnormal cells are in a phase susceptible to attack and whilst the normal cells are in a non-susceptible phase. The compounds of the invention are prepared by alkylation, deprotection of a protected keto group, oxidation or electrophilic halogenation.




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