Two=part ski binding for ski jumping - has basic and release parts with three pivot mounted guide rollers, grooves, release mechanism, turn plate with guide flanges, cam and tension piece.


The two-part ski-binding has a basic part (1) fixed to the ski, and a detachable release-part (2) turned when excess pressure is applied. The basic part has at least three freely pivot-mounted guide-rollers (10) around which are grooves (11), and has an adjustable release-mechanism (6,9) with spring-loaded release-member (9). The release-part has a turn-plate with guide-flanges curved downwards and inwards fitting into the roller peripheral grooves. Cavities are formed between the flanges. The release part has a release-cam. A heel-holder has a non-extensible tension-piece (27) of adjustable length connecting the ski to the boot. USE/ADVANTAGE - The light-weight ski binding for ski-jumping does not ice up, is easily released from different foot-positions, and prevents the ski from being forced up by gusts of wind during jumping.




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